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Privacy Commissioner announces new funding recipients for independent research and awareness projects

June 23, 2021

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is proud to announce the new projects funded as part of its 2021-2022 Contributions Program. All of these research and public awareness projects focus on the following theme: “Protecting privacy in an increasingly digitalized world”.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner received 45 proposals for the 2021-2022 funding cycle. Those proposals were evaluated by the Office on the basis of merit. Following the evaluation process, 11 projects were selected to receive funding support totaling $500,000.

The new projects will help advance significant privacy issues. Funded projects will address cutting-edge matters such as artificial intelligence, central bank digital currencies, commercial virtual health care services, surveillance capitalism, digital identity protection, and the right to privacy in terms of individual and collective rights.

For a full list of successful projects, see: Contributions Program projects underway.

The Contributions Program funds independent privacy research and initiatives that generate new ideas, approaches, and knowledge to help organizations better safeguard personal information and to help Canadians make more informed decisions to protect their privacy.

The Contributions Program was created in 2004 to support arm’s length, non-profit research on privacy, further privacy policy development, and promote the protection of personal information in Canada. Since then, the Program has allocated approximately $7.5 million to more than 170 projects.

For more information, please contact François Cadieux, Manager, Policy and Research, at or at 613-867-7632.

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