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Financial Report


The 29th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

Financial Summary
(in Canadian dollars)
Registration Fees 531,671
Exhibitors and Booths 3,000
Contributors and Supporters 156,496
Total Revenues 691,167
Project Management and Secretariat 271,873
Food and Beverages 125,648
Audio Visual and Language Interpretation 105,250
Translation 99,600
Marketing, Promotion and Web 93,568
Professional Services 67,755
Annual Conference Dinner
Space Rental, Equipment, Tables, Flatware, Setup 57,723
 Food and Beverages 44,068
Reception 20,516
Transportation 14,000
 Entertainment 12,000
Conference Planning and Registration 41,643
Speakers and Presenters 38,385
Site Support Services and Exposition 34,462
Other Miscellaneous Expenses 63,839
Total Expenses 1,090,330
Net Cost to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (399,163)


  1. The above costs do not include professional or temporary help services hired to replace staff involved in the conference planning and who left during the course of the year. These costs are viewed as normal and ongoing staff replacement costs which would have been incurred regardless of the conference.  The total staff replacement costs were $296,307.
  2. Also not included in the above expenses is $65,536 in research contracts which were used to help develop material for some of the conference workshops.  These research contracts which addressed leading edge privacy issues were already included in the OPC's research plans to support continuous learning and the ongoing development of corporate expertise.
  3. This financial summary is intended to provide a reasonable summary of the financial results and outcomes of the conference.  Some costs (such as employee time) have not been included in the costs of the conference.  Estimates have been included in the above amounts for minor outstanding items which will be finalized in the coming months (such as the reconciliation of the taxes payable).
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