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Real Results Vol. 3

July 2021

Protecting Privacy Rights
through Innovative Research

This new volume of Real Results examines issues explored by some of the research projects funded over the past three years under the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's Contributions Program. The Contributions Program funds leading-edge independent research and public education projects aimed at generating new ideas, approaches and knowledge about privacy. Find out in this volume of Real Results what some the privacy challenges of our time are, and how today's researchers and innovators are advancing solutions to these problems.

Someone touching a checkmark badge on a computer screen.

Is “Meaningful Consent” a Contradiction in Terms?: Three Design Jams Seek the Answer

As Canadians continue to embrace connected devices, are they aware of the privacy trade-offs they might be making? Are they ‘meaningfully’ consenting to how these devices collect and use their information?

Ipad, laptop and doctor's stetoscope.

Meaningful Consent in Healthcare Innovation: Barrier or Enabler?

Technological innovations have the potential to radically transform our healthcare system – but they often rely on sensitive personal data being collected, used, and shared. How can patients meaningfully consent to reap the benefits?

Birdview of six people around a table looking at their laptops and tablets.

Your Devices Are Watching…

While they may provide convenience and more control over our environment, connected devices are also acting as soundless surveillance sentinels, collecting mountains of information about us – a virtual treasure trove of sensitive personal data.

Students tackle complex privacy issues during 36-hour hackathon.

Hacking Privacy

Youth-run design jam tackles how to build a digital future that protects everyone’s privacy.

Disclaimer: The OPC’s Contributions Program funds independent privacy research and knowledge translation projects. The opinions expressed by the experts featured in this publication, as well as the projects they discuss, do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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