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Canadians and Privacy: Survey

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April 2013

Infographic: Canadians and Privacy: Survey. Description follows.

Canadians and Privacy: Survey

Canadians are increasingly anxious about privacy in the face of new technology.

As new technologies evolve, Canadians’ concerns about privacy are growing:

  • 7/10 feel they have less protection of their personal information than they did 10 years ago.
  • 66% of Canadians say they are very concerned about the protection of their privacy, with 25% saying they are extremely concerned.
  • Since 2000, more Canadians are not confident that they know how new technologies affect their privacy:
    • 47% in 2000
    • 48% in 2006
    • 53% in 2009
    • 56% in 2012

Especially when it comes to online privacy:

  • A majority of Canadians are very concerned about posting information online about:
    • Their location (55%)
    • Contact information (51%)
    • Personal photos and videos (48%)
    • Information about social activities (41%)
    • Personal opinions (32%)

And they’re avoiding certain sites and apps because of it:

  • 68% of Canadians have chosen not to use a site or service because they were uncomfortable with the terms set out in the privacy policy.
  • 55% of mobile users have decided not to install, or have uninstalled, an app because of the amount of personal information they would have to provide.

Yet while their concerns are high, they don’t take advantage of privacy protection options of information:

  • 50% rarely or never consult online privacy policies
  • 54% don’t take steps to limit tracking of their internet activities

Although, mobile users are starting to take steps to protect their devices:

Canadians who… 2011 2012
Use a password to lock their mobile device 39% 56%
Adjust settings on device or app to limit amount of personal information that is shared 40% 53%

Statistics taken from the Survey of Canadians on Privacy-Related Issues.


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