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Caretaker reveals that tenant’s cheque has bounced

Settled case summary #23


A tenant complained that the caretaker of his apartment building told the other tenants in the building that his rent cheque had bounced.  After raising the matter with the building management firm, he remained concerned that the issue was not taken seriously.


The caretaker and his wife denied discussing the matter with any of the other tenants.  However, another tenant confirmed that the caretaker’s wife had told her that the complainant’s cheque had bounced.  She also reported that the caretaker’s wife had disclosed other information to her, such as the amount of other tenants’ rent and when their rent was to be increased. 

The complainant noted that he would be satisfied if he received a letter of apology from the building management firm.  It duly complied.  In addition, the firm wrote to the caretaker and his wife reminding them not to discuss tenants’ personal information with other tenants.  The Office advised the firm that it needed to create a privacy policy in keeping with the requirements of the Act.

The Office and the complainant agreed that the matter should be considered settled.

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