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2016: Internet of Things/Health Device Sweep

In April 2016, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada participated in the Global Privacy Enforcement Network(GPEN) International Privacy Sweep. The Sweep focused on the Internet of Things.

On this page, you will find links to information about the OPC’s participation in the 2016 Sweep.

News and announcements

Canada examines health devices during 2016 “Internet of Things” global privacy sweep

Global Internet of Things Sweep finds connected devices fall short on privacy

Results and products from Sweep

Backgrounder: Results of the 2016 Global Privacy Enforcement Network Sweep

Blog post on trends from 2016 Sweep: How fit is your gadget? Putting web-connected health/wellness devices through their privacy paces

Related announcements and information

The Internet of Things - Research paper prepared by the Policy and Research Group of OPC about Internet of Things.

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